About Scott

Scott Green (hey, that’s me!) is a professional magician based in Chicago. I perform hundreds of shows a year, am regularly featured on live TV, became the team magician for the Chicago Bulls, am a featured lecturer at the KIDabra International conference, and have performed at the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, California.

I take a different approach to magic. While in college, I was named one of the 100 best young writers in America for my humor column, which was syndicated to outlets including the Washington Post. 

That comedy writer sensibility is key, as I explain in my book, Excellence in Family Magic. I use techniques like the Chekhov's Gun principle and my so-called "Seinfeld Method" to make magic backwards, which results in routines full of excitement, interaction and comedy.

I performed my first show at age 14. In 2009 I earned my law degree and passed the Bar, but decided instead to become a full-time magician. (My parents have forgiven me.)

My wife and I live in Chicago's Lincoln Square neighborhood with our two young children, who love watching Daddy's shows. An avid game show fan, I've been a contestant on "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?" "The Price Is Right” and “Mental Samurai.”