Lecture: "Family Magic 501"


Your group of magicians will love my lecture!

The key to a great lecture is a balance of actionable knowledge and entertaining moments. "Family Magic 501" is packed with both. 

What is Family Magic 501? In college, a 101 level course is introductory level—the very basics. A 501 course is introductory at the graduate level. It's advanced content, presented so magicians of all experience levels will benefit. 

The lecture is customizable, if there's content you especially do or don't want included and for length; but without modifications, this 90-minute lecture will cover:

  • How to create routines that compel children and adults
  • How to build a "bubble of escape" around one's show that creates a consistent audience experience
  • How to use game show host skills to maintain audience engagement 
  • How to write routines ending-first using "The Seinfeld Method"
  • How to approach old props with a new eye and create surprising magic

I will also teach a half dozen or more routines simple enough anybody can perform them, but compelling and engaging enough to enthrall all ages at a family show (including routines I've performed on TV and at the Magic Castle)

If you're also bringing me in for a public show, either a ticketed solo show or as part of a convention's gala show, I may be able to promote the show in local media. I have lots of television contacts and the sorts of clips that can get me booked in your market, helping raise awareness of your show and sell more tickets. 

Your attendees will enjoy hearing from me because, in addition to being a funny, engaging presenter, I'm well-credentialed to give this lecture. I:

  • Perform hundreds of shows a year for family audiences
  • Am regularly featured on TV in Chicago
  • Have become a new favorite performer at the Magic Castle
  • Wrote the best-selling book Excellence in Family Magic, reviewed glowingly in Genii and M-U-M
  • Created hit original effects like Not-A-Snake and The Catalog of Broccoli



Dear Scott:

On behalf of IBM Ring 50, I want to thank you for a great job this weekend at Magi-Whirl 2018.  Your lecture Friday night was exactly what we were looking for as you provided a graduate-level course in performing family magic.  It was spot-on for both the magicians who specialize in entertaining children and the more general magicians who do occasional family shows.  We also greatly enjoyed your performance at out gala show Saturday night; and I can't thank you enough for giving us a huge plug Saturday morning (I know you had to get up really early after lecturing late Friday evening) on Channel 5.  Any magic club or convention would be lucky to have you come and lecture.

On a personal note, I enjoyed  your company and your comments about my website and I've started reading your book.  Feel free to use any of my comments in your promotional material.

All the best,

Larry Lipman

President, IBM Ring 50

Appearance on Fox 5 DC to promote Gala show appearance


Scott is an innovative and original thinker, writer, and performer! A natty dresser, with a wry sense of humor and a hint of mischief. He's that rare complete package!

His lectures have super usable ideas, and solid thinking behind the how and why. I'm pretty picky myself and I'm even using some of his original material!

Mark Daniel, President

Kidabra International

To book my lecture for your group, reach out today: scott@thegreatscott.com