Rocket Right Side Up Book

Rocket Right Side Up Book


Pre-order your Rocket Right-Side-Up Book! You’ll receive yours before Memorial Day at a special reduced price, AND get an extra bonus to use with your routine. This super easy-to-perform prop lets you show all the pages in a book right-side up, even when you turn the book upside down or sideways—the pictures are always right-side-up, right until the magician wants them to appear upside down.

Get my full 5-minute routine, AND I’m including my full 8-minute routine I use in my shows that also incorporates a standard family magic prop you almost certainly have in your collection already and takes the whole thing over the top.

CHOOSE to get the book WITH joke pages (Houston Rockets, Johnny Rockets cheeseburger, Radio City Rockette dancers—this is how Scott performs it) or WITHOUT joke pages (all real rockets only; more suitable for foreign performers whose audience don’t know Johnny Rockets or the Radio City Rockettes).

Joke pages (Houston Rockets, Johnny Rockets, Radio City Rockettes):
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